Samantha Lubanzu

Samantha Lubanzu is a profound and energetic  career and business development coach, mentor, and motivational speaker specialising in diversity & Inclusion. With her skills to teach and train people, she empowers them to bring transformational changes in their personal and professional lives.

She strives to build confidence in women of colour and allies through her online transformational programs and enables them to progress and move up the career ladder to senior-level roles or accelerate in their businesses. 

Her vision is to assist them in emerging as successful and valued professional women and still enjoy a balanced home and family life.

Her Mission is to help 1 million businesses to truely represent the diverse world we live in and in doing so have long term organisational success. 

Professional Experience and Expertise

With over two decades of HR experience, Samantha is currently the Vice-Chairperson of the CIPD Manchester. She brings with her a diverse range of human resource expertise and knowledge.

Samantha proudly holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, a CIPD Chartered Level 7 Diploma and an AoEC coaching certificate.

Her educational qualification and continuous active efforts to improve her specialized learning have been incremental for her success in the field of professional coaching and HR development.

She has played a vital role in the career progression and professional development of thousands of employees at all levels. By helping her clients change their attitudes, perceptions, and approaches towards life, she can transform them for a better future ahead.

The Story Behind Her Success

Samantha has an incredibly inspirational life story behind her success.

Life as she knew it was not always a bed of roses. Coping with various challenges since childhood, she was born and bred in the inner city of Manchester.

As a young woman coming from the black community trying to make ends meet, reaching out for her dreams, was not so easy.

Her constant determination empowered her to push forward and progress in her career.

Despite being boxed, labeled, and victimized with ugly racial prejudice at all levels she has risen beautifully through her ranks and attained unimaginable success in her goals in life.

Today, apart from being professionally successful, she has achieved the joys of raising a healthy family of her own. She is the proud mother of five beautiful children, including adorable twins. They are all under 6 years of age. She has a loving and supportive husband without whom this journey would not have been possible. 

It took almost 10 years after her marriage to conceive, she did not lose faith and continued to pray and believe and her eldest daughter was born via IVF.

Being fond of travelling she has embarked on several global excursions with her family.

She enjoys reading books that nourish the mind and act as an inspiration. 

Additionally, she is working to improve and enhance her foreign languages skills especially French.

Her Future Goals and Vision

Samantha is committed to helping women like her progress to the highest levels of success and career development.

Using her passion to coach and mentor people, she desires to support underrepresented women and help them get empowered with strengths and skills that are necessary for them to excel both professionally and personally.

She works for encouraging women to unlock their inner selves, aim for targets higher than the sky, and rock their lives, careers, and dreams like never before.

Believe in your own abilities and have confidence in yourself and nothing in this world will be impossible for you.

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