7 Powerful Work Smart Not Hard Tips

It has always been quite challenging for career mums to return to work after maternity leave and apply the same “work hard” ethic they adopted prior to being off.

Career mums may also make the wrong assumption that they have to work in the same capacity they did prior to maternity leave to be successful since they believe hard work has been the key to their previous work success.

They are mistaken.

Indeed, hard work does pay off, but now as a returning career mum, you have pick-ups and drop-offs and a long list of to-dos at home, and therefore the “work smart” strategy must apply.

Here are 7 powerful tips for working smart.

#1 Begin with A Morning Routine

Being a working mum, you may not have a lot of options, however with a bit of creativity, adopting a “winning” morning routine can help you in unimaginable ways.

Not only will you set yourself up for success, but you may even have extra energy when home to give your best self for mummy duties

I get up early before everyone else and do a 20-minute HIIT session.

Say a morning prayer with a friend virtually and listen to a motivational podcast while showering and getting dressed.

#2 Your Perfect Work Environment

You may find this strange, but the place you choose to work, whether an office table or a particular corner of the house with the most light, affects your work productivity.

So, if you want to boost productivity, try this:

It would help if you explored your perfect workspace without being afraid to ask to be moved if required or do a trial and test until you get it right. For instance, whether you like to work in a quiet environment or a more creative space, you must settle to work in a manner and area you are most comfortable with.

#3 The Power of 3 To-Do List

Making a to-do list can help you sort what things to do and when. In addition, it enables you to prioritize them based on their significance.

Once you know all the critical tasks you need to focus on, my “power of 3” comes into effect. Pick only three items off your to-do list and tick those off first whilst allowing room for anything urgent or important that pops up to not set you back.

#4 Take a Break

It is time to take a break from your screen and do something different.

Have lunch, schedule a meet-up with a friend, be in the moment.

When you return, you will be far more productive.

#5 Hands Up for Work That Energizes

When support is requested for projects, put your hands up for work you are energised by and brings the best out of you.

This way, you can work more and worry less since what you raised your hands for energizes you and keeps you motivated.

#6 Ask for Help and Support

Feeling hesitant to ask for help and support?

Asking for help and support does not make you an incompetent employee.

To thrive in your career, you have to use a more innovative approach by leaving your hesitation behind and asking for support with confidence.

#7 Underpromise and Over-deliver

When you promise more but deliver less, it affects your credibility and image. Therefore, it is better to underpromise and deliver more. This way, you will have a positive image that you always deliver more than you promised.

The Bottomline!

Being a career mum is challenging at nearly every stage. Nevertheless, a wise woman like you with the right set of innovative strategies can make things convenient and effortless. Most days you have to start and finish on time so, choose wisely. Choose smart. Work smart!

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